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Electronic Flushing

Functionality and aesthetics of the Infrared T6 are perfectly interpreted for the terms of the WC: The Touch-Tronic-Icon signalizes that the control registered the user. 

Automatic flushing release 
The flushing releases automatically if the user leaves the active area. 

Touchless flushing release 
Via approaching the hand to the close active range. 

Hygienic and clean 
Not only the easy to clean smooth glass surface, but also the adjustable hygiene flush. 

Useful additional functions 
Like the cleaning stop or the optional selectable temporary flushing (every 10 min) specially for the barrier-free area. 

Progressive flushing quantity adjustment 
The flushing quantity adjustment directly at the electronic saves water. Furthermore the flushing cistern will not be discharged totally and therefore also quicker refilled.